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CBD Unlimited: A One-Stop Shop for Health and Wellness Needs

Located in Cave Creek, Arizona, CBD Unlimited is a wellness program, beverage distributor, cosmetics store, animal feed store, health and beauty shop, pet supply store, sports nutrition store, and wholesaler all rolled into one. The business offers a wide range of products that cater to the health and wellness needs of both humans and animals.

One of the most popular products offered by CBD Unlimited is Maggie's Balm, which is highly recommended by customers for its effectiveness in relieving pain. The balm is made from pure and organic ingredients, making it a safe and natural alternative to prescription painkillers. Customers have reported significant relief from arthritis, knee pain, neck and back pain, and muscle pain after using Maggie's Balm.

CBD Unlimited also offers a range of CBD products, including isolate drops and Phyto-Bites, which are specially formulated for pets. Customers have reported that the products have helped their pets manage anxiety, joint pain, and mobility issues.

Aside from its products, CBD Unlimited is also known for its excellent customer service. Todd, the owner, is highly knowledgeable about CBD and is always willing to provide customers with information and recommendations on which products to use.

While the business has limited hours, opening only from Monday to Saturday, customers can still order products online through their website. However, some customers have reported difficulty in placing orders online, so it may be best to call the store directly to place an order.

Overall, CBD Unlimited is a great place to visit for anyone looking for natural and safe alternatives to manage their health and wellness needs. With its wide range of products and excellent customer service, it's no wonder why customers keep coming back.


  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot

CBD Unlimited Reviews - 12

Dave Schopfer

I have purchased the product of Maggie's balm multiple times I've had numerous knee surgeries and tried all the doctor suggestions and injections and prescription medicine none of them work as well is there really if I get from Maggie's balm I never would have believed it unless I tried it wow it's amazing

Stacia Donahue

My husband, Daryle, struggled for years with neck and back pain related to playing football in high school and college. After multiple surgeries and years of prescription painkillers, he tried Maggie’s Balm and could not believe how much relief it provided! He’s still using the balm and has also started the CBD Unlimited Isolate drops. He’s been off the painkillers for 2 years and feels better than he has in 20!!

Additionally, our 13-year-old Boxer, Cassius, had trouble walking due to joint deterioration and hip problems. We tried the Phyto-Bites, and within a month he was able to stabilize himself and began enjoying walks again.

We are so grateful to have found a natural and safe way to manage our family’s health and wellness! Thanks, CBD Unlimited!

Peter Tosto

Todd is incredibly knowledgeable about CBD. He was very informative on each product. Maggie's Balm is truly amazing for pain for me with muscles. Great for my ankles.


My Shih-Tzu is 14 years-old and has been overall quiet, slowed down, and lethargic lately. I gave him some Phyto-Bites, and he has much more energy again! it's great to see him get excited when people go up to him.

Patrol Mi

Really helped with lower back pain- amazing after all the pharmaceuticals I've tried, this works so well with no side effects.

Jane Dugan

Great for arthritis in my hands is Maggie’s Balm


CBC unlimited saved my dog from the anxiety of us leaving her home alone.

Mr. X

Tried several times and never got an order to go through on line! Fix it!

Kevin Gottlieb

The balm and mist works great.

Work Phone

Great company and excellent products!

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