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CBD OC Wellness Solutions: A One-Stop Shop for All Your Health Needs

CBD OC Wellness Solutions is a multi-category store that offers a wide range of health and wellness products. The store is located in Stanton, California, and is open six days a week, from Monday to Saturday, from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. The store is closed on Sundays.

The store has a primary category of Alternative Medicine Practitioner, and it also offers products in other categories such as Cannabis Store, Health and Beauty Shop, Herbal Medicine Store, Pet Supply Store, and Vitamin & Supplements Store. The store offers a variety of products such as tinctures, gummies, salves, creams, pet treats, bottled drinks, and teas.

The store has received numerous positive reviews from customers who have praised the quality of the products and the excellent customer service. Some customers have reported that the products have helped them with their ailments, such as back pain, knee problems, and ulcerative colitis. The store also offers free samples with orders, which customers have appreciated.

While the store has received mostly positive reviews, there have been a few negative reviews from customers who did not find the products effective. However, the store has a return policy for unused products, which customers can take advantage of if they are not satisfied with their purchase.

In conclusion, CBD OC Wellness Solutions is a one-stop-shop for all your health and wellness needs. The store offers a wide range of products, excellent customer service, and free samples with orders. If you are looking for high-quality health and wellness products, CBD OC Wellness Solutions is definitely worth checking out.


  • Wheelchair accessible entrance

CBD OC Wellness Solutions Reviews - 100

Louie Avila

Following surgeries, I wanted something to get me off pharmaceuticals. Being very new to CBD, went here. I tried the 500mg full spectrum tincture. After starting with 1/2 dropper then moving to 3/4 dropper, it gave no relief. The same with the 1:1 15mg CBD 15mg THC gummy. Once again, no effect. Tylenol works better. I bought the sample pack and will pursue their "return unused product" clause.

Tia Taback

I came in an purchased 2 5000mg bottles and was told it is really good and would help with my anxiety, inflammation and insomnia. I've been taking it for 3 and a half weeks and it does absolutely nothing for me. I gave my husband a bottle to see if it helped him. He said the same no effect. We usually take Medterra 2000mg and it works great. I ran out and needed a bottle asap and decided to give them a try. I called to ask them why it wasn't working for us and they did I don't know. The man I talked to was not helpful and said what do you want me to do about it. I will never go here again and I suggest no one else does unless you want to be ripped off for $400.


Fast and accurate order fulfillment and generous samples with my order. Thank you very much! :-) The quality of the extra strength 20,000mg tincture is top notch and is helping to keep my ulcerative colitis calm. The price per mg is excellent and important as my daily intake is over 300mg per day. I highly recommend your products!

Maureen Soricelli

You guys are the best and efficient on your shipping. I got my last order almost overnight to PA. Your products are 100 percent that is why I still go to you because I feel comfortable with all of your products.The quality is the best! I highly recommended you to a few people before I left California.

I have a problem with my fingertips cracking here in PA and wish you had a smaller size of the Hempstrax Salve to purchase over 3000 mg’s.

If I could give you 10 plus stars on everything I would!

Thank you…

Jewel Rogers

Love!! Very friendly and will take the time to answer any questions you have. Used for my cat who had cancer and this worked better for her in providing palliative care. Even got some of her spunk back. For me, it helped with several back issues that cause significant pain and spasms. 8 doctors and a few er visits and walked out still in pain EACH TIME. But this Hemptrax? Did somethimg wonderful! I couldnt walk, drive, work just to name a few. After a few days I could move and at do all the above. Combing this along with chiropractic care is what saved me.


I bought the 1 pack of 2 zkittles and 1 pack of 2 sour tsunami prerolls and was given the lavender and lemongrass and menthol salves and two sour vegan gummies (must try if you love gummies) for free as a sample and just tried the salve 10mins ago and havent felt to loose and limber in years (I'm 23 with really bad back and knee problems) this stuff really works wonders and just for 14 bucks what a steal and what amazing service

Joseph Mosca

Making your own crude hemp oil with 10 mg per mill CBD’s: With the expense of purchasing CBD, I moved to purchasing high concentration CBD oil from OC wellness solutions 10,000 mg full spectrum CBD Tincture–BOGO and dilute it in crude hemp oil. This combination result in an “entourage effect” by binding/signaling through receptors that are present throughout the body. I believe that ingesting 50 to 100 mg of CBD in hemp oil relieved my back pain. I had lower back pain (they wanted to fuse my lower discs together) for 9–months, but it has been pain-free for two years this January 2023. The only thing that I can contribute this to is CBD ingestion. One of the two bottles of concentrated CBD added to 1 L of crude hemp resulted in 10 mg per ml CBD, if add both, results in 20 mg per ml CBD-hemp oil. A liter of 10 mg per ml CBD – hemp oil is equal to over 30- 1 ounce (30 ml) bottles for less than $200 – 5 to 7 dollars per 1 ounce bottle. You cannot beat it!!

Lachlan McGuire

Let me just start off with saying that I've never written a Google review before but there comes a time when someone's efforts/kindness baffles you so much, it would be a sin to not to acknowledge... The owner is probably the most chill individual I've ever encountered, super friendly and went above and beyond helping me get exactly what I was looking for!! The locals would know already that this place is the real deal so I'd recommend it too all those who are still looking, to look no more!! It doesn't get better than this 😇😁 Thank you for the fantastic experience both in store and 40 minutes after every gummy consumed hahaha ✌️

Kevin Cruz

Been coming here for as long as I can remember. I always get different stuff so see what’s more effective to my problems. Thanks for always having good deals.

Liz Dickey

I have bought and used the topical pain relief for my aches and pains. Really works fast. I tried the vegan sour fruits and I had a solid night’s sleep. I am glad I found this store! Thanks!

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