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Honey Gold Botanicals | Online CBD Store is a one-stop-shop for all your CBD needs. This business offers a wide range of products, including CBD oil, gummies, topicals, and even products for pets. The store is located at 1529 US-14, Rochester, MN 55904.

Their products are of high quality and are safe, organic, and non-GMO. The customers have left positive reviews on their website, praising the effectiveness of their products. The intensive relief rub is one of the most popular products that customers have tried and loved. It is perfect for sore muscles and pain relief. The sleep support and delta 8 products have also helped many customers relax and sleep better at night. The moisturizing body lotion is another popular product that works wonders for dry skin.

The owners of Honey Gold Botanicals are personable and will answer any questions you may have. They offer excellent customer service and will ship products fast. The business is open seven days a week, and the hours are flexible.

In addition to CBD products, Honey Gold Botanicals also offers other health and wellness products such as vitamins and supplements, herbal medicine, and organic products. They also have a pet supply store, where you can find CBD products for your furry friends.

If you are looking for high-quality CBD products that work, Honey Gold Botanicals is the place to go. Their products are effective, safe, and affordable. The business is highly recommended by its customers, and it is no wonder why.

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Sara Clink

I LOVE these products! Energy + Focus gives me a natural boost in the morning without the afternoon crash. Sleep support allows my body to relax after a long day and helps me to sleep peacefully. Ultra Moisturizing Body Butter leaves my skin feeling so soft. I use all 3 of these daily!

Melissa Mueller

I absolutely love HGB and have tried many of their products! It’s hard to pick favorites but certain ones stand out. The intensive relief rub is amazing for sore muscles and I also used it for pain on my healed c section scar. The sleep support as well as the delta 8 (gummies and pens) have helped me relax and sleep better at night. The moisturizing body lotion is amazing and works wonders for my hands that crack and bleed in the winter. And the CBD gummies help during the day when I’m feeling overly anxious or overstimulated. The owners of HGB are amazing/personable and will answer any questions as well as ship products fast. Highly recommend these products!

Duane Allen

Products are amazing!! The pain relief CBD rubs is incredible. My sleep has improved greatly taking the nightly sleep gummies. Great company that I highly suggest if you're looking for CBD products that WORK!!

Kaylan Steffen

I was recently introduced to Honey Gold Botanicals products and so far have been extremely happy with the product and not to mention they have THE BEST customer service!! My most recent purchase was Delta-8 gummies and a vape pen. The vape pen did not work so I contacted Matt who immediately returned my call to make sure I was taken care of. He was truly interested in my feedback and making sure I was satisfied. I can't wait to try the gummies and pen! The other product I use is the Roll On Relief Gel. I love that it doesn't have a strong smell and gives me relief!

Karon Davis

Never used CBD before, but it has been a godsend for me. I have severe joint pain and can't take anything stronger than Tylenol. Honey Gold Botanicals Is THE BEST!

Breanna Chase

Quality CBD products are hard to find so when I say Honey Gold Botanicals is the best I mean you won't find anything better. There isn't a product I've tried that I didn't like (and I've tried them all). The energy and focus gives me the push I need when I start getting tired halfway through the day and the best part? No jitters!! The delta 8 gummies chill me out at the end of the day and help me get the most restful sleep I've ever had! Don't even get me started on the roll-on!! Basically every product is incorporated somehow into my day to day routine and I've never felt better! Do yourself a favor and throw away any CBD product you own that aren't HGB!

Lucas Fjetland

I absolutely love the products these guys sell! I've tried everything they have to offer and I have not been disappointed! The gummies have great flavor and effect, the roll on pain reliever blows anything else I've tried out of the water, and the energy and focus are a must if you need that extra energy without all the harmful things you find in energy drinks and caffeine pills! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HONEYGOLD BOTANICALS AND ALL THEIR PRODUCTS!!!!

Wakeupeople bla

Top notch CBD products! They have helped me with my sleep and my pain in my back with their topicals. I have nothing but great things to say about their products. The customer service is also second to none! excellent products and great people!

Chloe Fjetland

The highest quality of CBD products! Honey Gold Botanicals carries a wide variety of CBD products and they are safe, organic, and non-gmo. They even have pet products that our dogs love! Highly Recommend!!

Alex M

The go to for cannabis. Great products for any physical or mental discomfort.

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