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CBD American Shaman Omaha at Armbrust: A one-stop-shop for all your natural goods, pet supplies, and vitamin and supplement needs. Located at 2891 S 168th St, Omaha, NE 68130, this store offers a wide range of products to cater to your health and wellness needs.

The store is open from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM, and it is closed on Sundays. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, always ready to help you find the right product for your needs.

The store offers a variety of CBD products, including oils, creams, and bath bombs. Customers have praised the effectiveness of these products in managing pain and anxiety. The store also offers a range of pet supplies, including CBD-infused treats and oils, to help your furry friends with their health issues.

In addition to CBD products, the store offers a variety of natural goods, including vitamins and supplements. Customers appreciate the quality of these products and the store's commitment to providing natural and organic options.

The store also supports local artists and vendors by showcasing their products in-store. This adds a unique touch to the shopping experience and allows customers to support local businesses.

While some customers have had issues with pricing and returns, the majority of customers have had positive experiences with the store and its products. Overall, CBD American Shaman Omaha at Armbrust is a great place to find natural goods, pet supplies, and CBD products in Omaha.


  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
  • Curbside pickup
  • In-store pickup
  • In-store shopping

CBD American Shaman Omaha at Armbrust Reviews - 18

James Rogers

CBD, those 3 wonderful letters changed my life!! While doing yard work I fell full weight on my thigh, as a result, I couldn't walk for 4 days. Went to the E R where they confirmed I had a deep thigh bruise. As doctors often do, they wanted to prescribe narcotics, no no. So I suffered for another 3 weeks, when a friend suggested American Shaman and CBD! Feeling desperate, (as I could only bend my leg 10 degrees) I went and spoke to Garrett, who suggested an oil and cream. Within a week, no more pain, and motion increased to 45 degrees. As of today, my leg has returned to full function. Thanks Garrett and American Shaman!!!!

Chandra Webb

I used to visit the 96th & L location. I’m so excited the same owners opened another location closer to me! I stopped in the other day and it’s so nice and as always, top notch service and products.


Giving 2 stars because the gal working was very helpful and nice. Was very disappointed that I was told that there was a money back guarantee and when I changed my mind only a couple of hours later and tried to exchange for a different option (item sealed/unopened), I was given a very limited option by the owner. Won't be returning.

Kira Erickson

I love the bath bombs and today in picked up a chamomile CBD sparkling tea that was really good! Jennifer and her husband are both really kind people as well!

L Emerson

Great location. Gentleman running the store was very informative. Will visit this store again.

Carrie Leal

I had such a great experience here today. I wish I would have asked the woman's name who helped me. She was such a joy! She knew the products and was extremely helpful. She really made my day!

Ben Gilsdorf (ThatBenBro)

There were no prices on items in the store and had my card in the card reader when the total was displayed. I asked how much two of the items were and the employee swiped his finger for my signature and clicked 'Accept charges' and said the breakdown should be the receipt. Avoid this place at all cost until it goes under...which will inevitably happen with actions like this.


Very friendly and knowledgable staff! The product is also great and has done wonders for my wellbeing.


I'm very glad that I decided to try cbd for my anxiety. I stopped into this location on monday, now it's friday and I feel amazing. The girl that helped me was very nice, and very informative. I decided to go a day without any meds other than cbd today. And I can't believe how much less anxiety I feel. It's half of what it used to be. This stuff works, cbd is no joke...

Alexandra Brown

This store is more than just a CBD shop. There’s local art and local vendors as well. No one does it like Garrett and Jen!!

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